What is CBD?

From the Infinite CBD website:

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the many compounds inside the hemp and cannabis plants. These compounds belong to molecules called phytocannabinoids. Cannabinoids determine the type of effect on the body. When certain cannabinoids, like THC, or group of cannabinoids bind to specialized CB1 and CB2 receptors; the cell tirggers notifying there is a change in cell activity.

Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD does not directly signal these special receptors, instead it has an indirect effect on the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD stimulates the body’s natural endogenous cannabinoids which sends signals to activate those receptors to do their job naturally. CB1 receptors are in the nervous system, glands, organs and connective tissue. CB2 receptors have an effect on the immune system and your functioning health.

The natural cannabinoids within your body work with these receptors to prevent your nervous system from misfiring or acting defectively. Natural cannabinoid deficiency will lead to negative effects on your body’s nervous system and body as a whole. Your body needs cannabinoids when endocannabinoid deficient just like when you take vitamin D for bone strength. This is because our body needs the right balance of cannabinoids to keep your nervous system and body in good health.

Many describe CBD as being like THC, just without the psychoactive effects. Although this is true, CBD works as an endocannabinoid modular. This means when a disease starts to take over your body it will create an imbalance within a body system. The CBD then works to get those systems to balance back to where they should be; healthy, working condition.

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Personal Review

CBD Isolate Dropper

The oil dropper was my first encounter with CBD oil. I chose the 500 mg bottle and a few drops under the tongue was enough to be effective. I found that this method works well for anxiety and restlessness during sleep. It does take a few minutes to feel the effects, so if you want immediate effects, there are other methods of taking CBD that would work better. Terpenes* can be added to this product for no upcharge. This product will last a long time.

Asteroid Gummies

This is the most enjoyable way of consuming CBD for me personally. It’s a delicious gummy, how could it not be fun!? Since each gummy is 25 mg of CBD, it is a strong dose and works pretty fast for someone who is not used to CBD. It will take a few minutes to work, just like the oil dropper, and is more of a slow change. When I was using these during the holiday season, I would eat one of these instead of drinking a glass of wine.

Freezing Point Topical Salve

My fiancé uses this product often for back and neck pain. It is a topical method and is in stick form, which is great for easy application. Usually I will simply cover the areas of his neck and back that need it, and then massage the product into the skin. It helps lessen the every day strain he puts on his neck and back at work.

CBD Isolate Vape Juice

Vaping CBD is by far the quickest way to feel the effects of CBD for feeling calm or managing anxiety. At first it feels like it will cost more because you have to purchase a vape pen (I have the Smok Nord Kit pen) and a bottle of vape juice, but it lasts so long! I’ve found myself using the pen only a few times a day to manage anxiety, and the pen is very easy to use once you get used to it. It’s great because it’s an easy and portable way to intake CBD. As soon as you take a hit from the pen, you can feel a feeling of serenity. Terpenes* can be (and should be, in my opinion) added to this product for no upcharge.

Big Bang

The Big Bang is a personal lubricant that can be used to help enhance an intimate experience. I have found that when I use this product, sensitivity and pleasure is increased. It also is made from all natural ingredients and smells very pleasant with calming effects. CBD in this product helps increase sensitivity and decrease pain.

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