Guest Post by Laissez Faire

Men are beautiful. The fact that this statement is controversial shows
how self loathing most are. The argument against mans greatness is
based on the worship of lesser beings and painting all men as born
evil, as if your new born infant is Hitler on steroids. This concept
is accepted by the faithful prudes as well as the secular altruists.
Why? Well, I have an answer.

There are two aspects to this lie: altruism and (the later half) the
disintegrated ethics. I have addressed selfishness so I will merely
hope you’re intellectually honest enough to agree with the fact that
men must be selfish to live. Sense altruism leads to suicide, then
that which comes before it is the disintegration of men.

What does a disintegrated man look like? He is ashamed. He gives up
pleasure out of guilt, delves deeper into nihilism and self loathing.
This acidic mind set leads him to see filth in everything and
everyone. In a man made world one cannot escape men so the nihilist
grows hateful and depressed by the world of man, the very man that him
his clothes, foods, and so much more.

Where do you think the depressed altruist must go to fulfill himself?
To fulfill his justice he will spread word of his loathing, poisoning
the innocent with his disease of mind. The alternative is to fulfill
his irrational emotions, which means he will try to purge the world of
the filth he sees. A good example of this ladder half is Elliot
Rodgers, a pathetic boy who hated those who were yet to wrong him so
he tried to kill them. He failed horribly, but still hurt people.

A dark progression, no? So what is the answer? To put it frank, the
answer is selfishness, to value yourself so you don’t become a
disintegrated shell of a man. To avoid degrading ones self one needs
to have standards, for you and others. You are alive so your life’s
meaning is set, you must work towards your happiness, which in turn
only justifies and intensifies your life’s value.

As your self worth grows so does your love for men and their
inventions. From your morning cup of coffee to the car you drive to
work, men created these invaluable tools. Not to mention hobbies like
playing video games, watching films, and reading books. Men gave you
said enjoyment. Think that’s great? Well I’ve got news for you, bucko.
Those who voluntarily associate with you (friends or lovers) do so
because of your benefit to them, as do you to them. Why love someone
who gives you nothing? You won’t.

So do you see it? Do you see the beauty of man and our man made world?

Note from the author: I apologize for the minimal length. you see, I wanted a short after
note or bonus note on selfishness to end off my other essay on
capitalism. Now that the basic concepts are out of the way, the “heavy
hitters” (more random areas of philosophy) come next. Alas I must write
them still. Want to have little bites of me to tide you over? Ask me
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