By Laissez Faire

I must preface this by saying that I am no Libertarian. I’m just an Objectivist who wants to help give Capitalism the good image it deserves, hence supporting its defense and promotion. So let it be known that this isn’t some sort of show of solidarity for the Libertarian movement, but a push towards support of my own selfish desires(and yours).

The main arguments for capitalism I hear from Libertarians is that it works for everyone. Now this statement isn’t wrong, because capitalism is necessary for human survival and flourishing. Point it out, show how capitalism is the only ethical option(which it is).

How though? Well, be honest. Capitalism relies on human selfishness, hence why it works. Don’t give lip service to altruism, hell that’s why Socialism is viewed as ethical to people. You can’t base your ethics on evil concepts like altruism.

I know that most of you who read this are altruists due to it being the popular idea. What is altruism? It is the act of putting others needs and wants above yourself, to suffer is the means and the end. This idea is widely propagated with the story of Jesus Christ. Regardless of religious belief(or lack there of) you cannot honestly say you’re a capitalist yet a proud altruist.

You have to choose, suffering is a virtue or capitalism, selfishness, and flourishing.
Embracing selfishness can be hard at first (mainly because of altruistic indoctrination), but you need to lest you destroy yourself and teach others to follow your lead.

So for your own sake and that of all individuals, be honest and selfish lest the Socialists/Communists(altruists) win.

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